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We capture information on the [pla]net. Period.

Our Services

 We focus on data technologies to make advanced software products. Based on our technology, we share our talent with you and contribute to your company.
01 / Product Development

Data driven & intelligent software platform

Our technology brings you actionable insights.

Based on your interactions with your contacts and past experience it qualifies the strength of your relationships with your contacts.

You can also share your findings with company's existing enterprise software products and services.

Our client application covers both mobile (iPhone, Android) and web platforms.. 

02 / Consulting
03 / Tech Support

Our talent is your asset

Based on our advanced technologies, we can provide various talents to your projects from individual to entire team. Our talent pool includes:

  • Product Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Architects

  • Software Engineers (all level)

  • DevOps

  • Hardware Engineer (all level)

Your IT division on the net

We provide comprehensive IT service such as: 

  • Hardware Maintenance (Laptops, Servers, Network Appliances)

  • On/Off-site IT Managed Services

  • Data Center Management & Solutions

  • Call Center Management

  • Data Management

Cannot find what you are looking for? We have our partner network to support wider range of technical issues you may have. Click (Inquiry) button below to get more detail about our service, ask us is the fastest way to get rid of your problem away!

Who We Are

Who We Are


Cofame started its history as creating digital business cards and make them instantly exchangeable on mobile. The information we could exchange was not only business card data but Social Network and any type of meeting information. Our passion expanded not just data but finding person's data from existing information all over the world. Our people finder AI chatbot called "KEIKO" was only focused on that feature, but we were not satisfied with just providing what we found about the people.


Capture information on the [pla]net

 As it described, we try our best to capture different types of information and finding relationship among data, then turn them into your assets as your intelligence. 

No limit

Our recent projects, the customers expect wide range of solutions from us: from software design/creation to global IT services. We would be open to attack any type of IT problems and provide the best of the bests solutions using the latest technologies in the market.

Customers and Partners

Customers and Partners

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5201 Great America Pkwy. STE 320, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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